Teleport Network

Interoperability Platform

for Web3.0

Accelerate crypto assets & dApps to multi-chain


Teleport Features

Omni-chain Integration
Support EVM & non-EVM
chains via XIBC protocol
Alternative Cross-chain Approach
Light Client - Trustless

Oracle TSS - Cost effective

Non-invasive SDK for
seamless dApp integration

Teleport Bridge

Cross-chain Token Transfer

Teleport Network
Teleport Network
Teleport Network


Cross-chain liquidity aggregator

Token swap between any chains

Teleport Wallet

Multi-Chain & Multi-Identity supported

Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana
token transfers and dApp interaction

Metaverse Hub

First EVM-compatible relay chain

for DeFi, NFT, and game

Teleport Roadmap

2021 Q4
Team setup
Product design & early-
stage development
2022 Q2
Mainnet launch
EVM chain support
Liquidity incentive program
Multi-chain wallet release
2022 Q4
TSS Node on-chain
Multi-chain Namespace & Identity
2022 Q1
Testnet launch
Cross-chain transfer &
contract call via light client or TSS
2022 Q3
Cross-chain DEX launch
Connecting non-EVM chains
Plug & play SDK

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